UK Brewery Tours Map

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There are now somewhere around 1000 breweries in the UK ranging from huge multinationals to one man bands operating out of their garage. Many of them will allow you to visit and brewery tours are a great way to spend a few hours, with the added benefit that you usually get to taste a few of their beers at the end of the tour!

Some of the brewery tours will take you around historic breweries that have been producing beer for centuries, while others will be brand new state of the art brewhouses full of lots of shiny stainless steel. Whatever the setting you’re guide will be passionate about the beer they produce giving an informative brewery tour that everyone will find interesting whether a home brewer, beer enthusiast or just there for a day out.

Map of UK Brewery Tours

The map of UK brewery tours is very much a work in progress with new brewery tours being added regularly. Unfortunately not all breweries offer tours but there’s plenty to that do to both individuals and groups.  To be included in the brewery tours map the tour information (or at least a mention they run them) had to be readily available on their websites.

I’m sure I’ve missed lots so if you know of a brewery that offers tours that aren’t on the brewery tours map please leave a message on the contact page with the following details

  • Brewery Name
  • Website
  • Address
  • Details of the tour (days, times, price etc)

I’ll then try and add it as soon as possible, however please only send me details of breweries in the areas I’ve already mapped. I’ll be working my way up the country over the coming weeks, no doubt missing plenty more on the way!