Air Fryer Crispy Salted Corn: Quick & Easy Beer Snack

Air Fryer Crispy Salted Corn: Quick & Easy Beer Snack

Having recently joined the air fryer craze, I thought I’d have a go at making some beer snacks to enjoy with my homebrew American pale ale. Cooking them in the air fryer may also mean they are a little healthier than your average salty bar snack.

My Beer52 subscription means each month I get a box of quality beer delivered to my door, which also contains a couple of beer snacks. One of the regulars are little packs of Love Corn, crispy corn that comes in a variety of different flavors and always goes well with beer.

This seemed like a good starting point, so I set about making air fryer crispy corn as the first of my air fryer beer snacks. But could it be made in an air fryer?

Flavor-wise, I thought I’d keep it simple and stick to salted while I try to find a method that worked. Most recipes I’ve found seemed to use dried corn that’s soaked for a few hours then dried. I happened to have a can of sweetcorn in the cupboard, so I decided to try that.

Air Fryer Crispy Corn Recipe


  • 1 Can sweetcorn
  • Olive oil
  • Salt


  1. Drain the sweetcorn
  2. Spread on kitchen paper and dry as much as possible
  3. Tip into a bowl and add olive oil and salt
  4. Stir to ensure fully coated
  5. Put into the air fryer basket and spread out as much as possible
  6. Cook at 180C for 20 minutes, shake regularly
  7. Allow to cool slightly and enjoy
Drain the sweetcorn
Dry on a sheet of kitchen paper
Add oil and tip into the airfyer
Spread evenly and shake regularly

How did the air fry corn taste?

Looks wise this was nothing like Love Corn with the corn looking a bit shrivelled and brown. It also tasted nothing like love corn with a completely different texture. So a waste of time then?

Far from it, though nothing like I was trying to acheive the air fryer crispy corn was a very tasty snack. It had a nice crunch on the outside but was then still some of the sweet juicy texture from the corn. It had a nutty roast flavour, added to the by the salt it went perfectly with an ipa.

I’ll certinaly be trying this again to perfect the process and try some different flavours.