5-litre mini kegs

The Ultimate 5-Litre Keg Guide for UK Homebrewers!

Picture this: it’s a crisp evening in the heart of the UK, and you’re eagerly awaiting the moment when you can crack open a cold, refreshing beer you brewed yourself. You’ve invested time, passion, and creativity into your homebrew, but there’s one thing standing between you and that golden elixir—bottling. If you’re tired of the traditional, time consuming bottling process, consider making the leap to 5-litre kegs. This article explores the benefits of using these pint-sized kegs, tailored specifically for the UK homebrewer.

5-litre mini kegs

The Need for Speed and Simplicity:

Homebrewing is an art, but it doesn’t have to be a laborious process. Enter the 5-litre keg (sometimes called a growler) – your shortcut to a quicker and more straightforward homebrewing experience. Unlike bottling, where meticulous precision is required, kegging allows you to fill, seal, and carbonate your beer with unparalleled ease. No more scrubbing, capping, and waiting for carbonation to kick in. With 5-litre kegs, you’ll be sipping your creation in no time.

Why Choose Small 5-Litre Kegs:

The choice of a 5-litre keg over larger options isn’t arbitrary—it’s a deliberate move towards efficiency. For the UK homebrewer, these smaller kegs offer a more manageable size, making storage and transportation hassle-free. Imagine the convenience of grabbing a compact keg from your fridge for an impromptu gathering, avoiding the need to wrestle with a case of bottles.

Where to Buy 5-Litre Kegs:

Now that the allure of 5-litre kegs has piqued your interest, the next step is acquiring them. Conveniently, platforms like Amazon, BrewKegTap, and The Malt Miller offer a variety of 5-litre kegs suitable for every homebrewer’s needs for around £50. Ordering is just a click away, and soon you’ll be on your way to a kegged-beer revolution.

What other Equipment is needed to use 5 Litre Kegs?

To kick off your 5-liter keg journey, you’ll need a few key pieces of gear to make the brewing and kegging process smooth sailing. First things first, once you’ve snagged your 5-liter keg, you’ll need a ball lock lid with gas and tap connections.

Next up, you’ll want a CO2 charger and some threaded CO2 bulbs to keep things super portable. Lastly, throw in a party tap and you’re good to go. And if you’re feeling fancy, a keg-mounted tap will really give it that extra flair.

co2 charger


In the world of homebrewing, innovation takes many forms, and the 5-litre keg is a game-changer for UK enthusiasts. Say goodbye to the tedious chore of bottling and embrace the simplicity of kegging. Your time is valuable, and so is the beer you create. The shift to 5-litre kegs not only saves time but also elevates your homebrewing experience to new heights. If you’re determined to keep bottling check these 5 Tips for fast bottling.

So, fellow brewers, are you ready to make the leap? The world of 5-litre kegs awaits, promising a faster, easier, and more enjoyable journey to the perfect pint. Cheers to a new era of homebrewing!

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