Build a Pallet Welly Rack

Pallet Welly Rack

Building work on the house during covid was somewhat stressful and has meant I’ve not been able to brew for almost 2 years (soon to be rectified). It did however leave me with lots of pallets to make things out of!

One project I’ve been meaning to do for a while is some kind of welly rack to keep our and the kids wellies a little tidier this winter. A lockdown dog (how cliche) means we’re out for lots more muddy walks and the porch was a mess last winter. So what better way to build one than out of pallets!

It’s actually pretty straightforwad and used a single pallet that i cut in half. I then adjusted a few slats so the wellies stayed in properly. I’d recently bought a Pallet Buster and it was money well spent, making short work of taking off a few slats so i could adjust the gaps a little. You can see this a few times in the video below.

I added a couple of offcuts of wood to the base so it would stand at and angle and not fall over quite so easily, I’ve seen a few cases where people have attached them straight to the wall with good effect.

Once complete I finished it off with a quick coat of Curpino Ducksback Silver Copse which gave it a nice finish. I’ve been pretty impressed by this shed paint and have used it on a few things over the summer.

Overally this only took me about an hour including the painting. I’m sure it’s going to make a big difference this winter with not having muddy wellies in the porch and may reduce the mud being trailed into the house, we’ll see.

I’ve lots of pallets so there’s going to be more pallet builds to come, possibly even some beer related ones!