Where can you buy craft beer in the lockdown?

Whilst we’re on lockdown you may be wondering where to buy a good supply of craft beer to keep you going. Fear not, there’s plenty of online beershops operating during the lockdown, with many delivering to your door so you don’t even need to leave your house (apart from to pick the beer up from outside the front door!).

The supermarkets obviously still have a good supply, but if you want to support local breweries or get something a bit different there’s plenty of ways to buy craft beer during the lockdown.

Local Brewery

This should be your first port of call to see if they are still brewing and selling beer. Many local breweries are doing deliveries either via courier or off their own backs. Some are doing drive through pick ups and other larger ones are distributing through national couriers.

A good port of call to find your nearest brewery is https://www.beerishere.org/. From here check their websites, facbook and twitter feeds to find out if they’re still selling and how.

Personally I’ve a min keg of Redemption Big Chief on the way to help celebrate my birthday.

Beer Hawk

Beer hawk have a great selection of craft beers still available with delivery in a few days. I’ve used them a few times (including their excellent Advent Calendars at Christmas) and have always been pleased with mixed cases and offers.


Amazon do a surprisingly good range of craft beers through their various marketplace sellers. Since lockdown the range seems to have gone down a bit, but there’s still plenty to choose from including mixed cases from Beer Hawk.

See Amazon’s craft beer range


Brewdog have a vast range of their own beer plus others available via their website. Delivery is a little slower than normal so allow a little extra time for delivery.

Beer Subscriptions


I started with Beer52 a few months ago and have been pleased with the range and quality of beers they send. I get a box each month with 10 beers, a snack and a copy of Ferment magazine, all for around £30. They have different levels available from 8 to 12 beers per case, and you can choose pale or mixed cases.

You can also buy individual cases of beer but there is a reduced range.

Joine Beer52 through this link and we’ll both get some free beer.


Beerbods will send you a box of 12 beers every 12 weeks for £36. The idea is that every Thursday everyone drinks the same beer at the same time, there’s even now live video tastings. I was a subscriber at Beerbods for around 5 years but let it lapse last year as I fancied a change. That said the beers they provide were top notch and it’s a great way to try different beers. Also in these strange times to feel part of a community.

Flavourly is another site that seems to still be delivering, though I’ve not tried them so can’t really comment.

 I will add more as I find them, but hopefully that should keep you well stocked up!